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The Instant Budget Calculator

Create a Smart, Local, and Personal Budget in Minutes

Instant Budget











Rent vs. Own Calculator

    Calculates comparable rent costs  
    Compares value of renting vs. owning  
    Displays all assumptions  












Gas vs. Electric Calculator

    Links to data on subsidies  
    Compares operating cost difference   
    Accounts for expected gas costs  





Instant Budget Calculator

    Create a smart, local, and personal budget in minutes  
    Smart: We crunched the numbers so you don't have to  
    Local: We use a zip code to estimate gas prices, sales tax, and cost of living  
    Personal: Your budget estimate is based on your personal habits  

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Use behavioral economics, advanced analytics, and data visualization to activate financial intellignce.
We will make creating and using a budget super easy.

Spendology Finio Brands utilize science and data to improve financial decision outcomes. Finio means advancing Financial intelligence by using the right data Inputs to achieve better decision Outcomes.


Keith Alexander Ashe

K. Alexander Ashe



Founder Bio

Spendology was founded by K. Alexander Ashe. Mr. Ashe is a graduate of Florida A&M University and Columbia University.

He previously worked as a management consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton and the Corporate Executive Board.




Leverage behavioral economics and advanced analytics to activate intelligence in organizations


Resources, consulting and custom software development for organizations

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